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In-Fusion is a catering company to all kinds of services in the field of hospitality, founded in 1992 to provide catering services to all types of national and international artists over the years was growing and being marked in order to reach all kinds of companies and individuals to offer our service always from the proximity professionalism and industry knowledge providing what the customer needs.
In-fusion Catering Barcelona
In-fusion Catering Spain



In-fusion Catering Companies

· Coffee Break
· Congress
· Lunch
· Business Meetings
· Presentations
· Cocktail


Private Catering In-fusion

· Weddings-Baptisms
· Communions
· Personal Chef
· Cooking Classes
· Home-Snacks
· Low Cost

Film and TV

In-fusion Catering Film and Television

· Film shooting
· Studio
· Emergency
· Service and Permanent Infusions Coffee


In-fusion Catering Concert

· Tours throughout Spain
· Dressing Rooms
· Festivals
· Maintenance coffee, tea and soft drinks


· Birthday Celebrations
· Bachelor Party
· Married Bachelor
· Any Party that Need
In-fusion Catering Party
In-fusion Catering Despadidas

Some In-fusion Catering clients

In-fusion Catering important Customers


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